Building Industrial Digital Twins

by Shyam Varan Nath and Pieter van Schalkwyk

Design, develop, and deploy digital twin solutions for real-world industries using Azure Digital Twins

  • Create a digital twin prototype using Microsoft Azure Digital Twins
  • Explore the digital twin approach to the design, operations, and maintenance of industrial assets and products
  • Understand key characteristics and components of a digital twin through practical use cases and business scenarios

What You’ll Learn

Identify key criteria for the applicability of digital twin in your organization
Explore the RACI matrix and rapid experimentation for choosing the right tech stack for your business
Evaluate public cloud, industrial IoT, and enterprise platforms to set up your prototype
Develop a digital twin prototype and validate it using unit, integration, and functional tests
Perform an RoI analysis of your digital twin to determine its economic viability for the business
Discover techniques to improve your digital twin for future enhancements

About The Authors

Shyam Varan Nath

Shyam Varan Nath is a Specialist Leader, Analytics and Cognitive, at Deloitte. Prior to this, he worked for Oracle, General Electric, IBM, and Halliburton. He is the primary author of two books, Industrial Digital Transformation, and Architecting the Industrial Internet. His expertise involves IIoT, cloud computing, databases, AI/ML, and business analytics. He has worked on driving digital transformation at several large companies. He is the founder of the analytics user group called AnDOUC (formerly BIWA). He has an undergraduate degree from IIT Kanpur, India, as well as an MSc (in computer science) and an MBA from FAU, Boca Raton, Florida. Shyam is part of the Program Committee of IoTSWC and a regular speaker at large technology events.

Pieter van Schalkwyk

Pieter, CEO at XMPro, is an experienced engineer and technologist who helps organizations use real-time, event-based Digital Twins to improve situational awareness, process efficiency and decision-making without disrupting operations. He is recognized as a thought leader in Industrial Digital Transformation and has written and spoken extensively on topics such as Digital Twins, IIoT, Ai/ML, and Industrial Blockchain applications. Pieter holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Information Technology. He chairs the Natural Resources Working Group in the Digital Twin Consortium (DTC). Prior to this Pieter was the chair for the Digital Twin Interoperability Task Group in the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC). In February 2019, Pieter received the IIC Technical Innovation Award. Pieter describes himself as an entrepreneur at heart, technology enthusiast, team builder, and aspiring Ironman triathlete.

Published by Packt Publishing Ltd.

Foreword by Dan Isaacs, CTO

Available in Kindle and Paperback format